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SecureLink Third-Party Remote Access Study Finds Compliance is Number One Priority for Both Enterprises and Vendors

June 20, 2018 – AUSTIN, TexasSecureLink, the leader in secure third-party remote access and support, today announced findings from its Third-Party Remote Access Study: Challenges for Enterprises and Technology Vendors. The study looks at specific challenges and priorities identified by both enterprise organizations and the technology vendors, including the importance of industry and customer compliance, mitigating risk and liability, tracking and auditing third-party remote access, and controlling network access.

“Third-party remote access is a big issue for enterprises and the technology vendors that support them, especially in highly regulated industries,” Rob Palermo, vice president of product for SecureLink. “The sharing of passwords, lack of coherent policies and lack of insight into who is accessing a network and when put organizations at risk for data breaches and other malicious cyberattacks. These activities expose organizations—both enterprises and vendors—to litigation and financial risk that can significantly impact a company.”

Key Findings from the Study Include:

  • Complying with industry regulations is the number one priority for enterprises: Sixty-four percent of enterprise organizations listed compliance as their number one priority, while 90 percent of organizations surveyed are subject to regulatory compliance reporting.
  • Securing third-party remote access is a top priority for enterprises: Enterprise organizations recognize secure remote access as an issue for both internal employees and external third parties. Securing third-party remote access is a top three priority for enterprises.
  • Customer compliance is the number one priority for vendors: The main concern around remote access for vendors is ensuring compliance with customer requirements at 82 percent, while 92 percent of vendors surveyed support enterprises that are subject to federal regulatory compliance reporting.
  • Enterprise organizations manage multiple vendors: On average, enterprise organizations manage 67 vendors—with the majority, 90 percent, managing multiple individual vendor users.
  • Enterprise organizations are looking for a single solution when it comes to third-party remote access: For managing third-party remote access, 45 percent of enterprise organizations use a single solution while 33 percent use three or more solutions.
  • Vendors manage hundreds of customers and use multiple solutions to support them: On average, vendors support 239 customers and, by and large, use multiple solutions to access customer networks. Forty-seven percent use three or more solutions, while only 29 percent use a single solution.

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