One of the most important questions a company needs to answer in their SecureLink evaluation is the pricing: How much does it cost and what is included in your investment? There is a shorter answer and a longer answer to this question, and we’ll give you both!

The high-level version for SecureLink pricing:

Our pricing differs for each of our products, but regardless of which product fits your use case, everything you need to get up and running quickly and successfully is included in the SecureLink price. All support, initial and ongoing training, professional services, workflow consulting, implementation project management, vendor and customer onboarding services, appliance management and upgrades are all included with your purchase of SecureLink.

Pricing for our Enterprise product is based on the number of vendor companies you have that will need to connect through SecureLink. Our Enterprise product is for those organizations looking to manage inbound access from third parties.

For our Vendor product, pricing is based on the number of concurrent sessions you’ll require. Our Vendor product is for those technology and services providers who need a solution to gain remote access to their customers to provide support.

The detailed version for SecureLink pricing:

One of the best features of pricing is that every quote is completely customized to you and your company’s needs, and we include all of the services, support and training you need to be successful. Below, you will find the key elements that can factor into creating your custom SecureLink quote.

SecureLink for Enterprises (number of vendors)

Our pricing is based on the number of vendors, regardless of the number of individual logins needed for each vendor.

    • Take a look at the example below:
      • HVAC vendor with 5 different technicians + 
      • EMR provider with 150 support reps +
      • Telephony vendor with 500 support technicians 

= 3 total vendors (regardless of the number of technicians)

    • Remember to include those vendors that may not be immediately obvious in your total count, such as non-technical vendors like accounting or HR providers, business consultants, or affiliates. 
    • Also think about the number of vendors you expect to have in the next 3 years with anticipated growth, in addition to those you have today, to ensure a right-sized fit from the start.
SecureLink for Technology Vendors (number of concurrent connections)

Our pricing is based on the number of concurrent sessions, meaning how many technicians are working in active, connected sessions in the system at the same time. 

    • If you don’t know this number, we typically recommend a guideline estimate of 1 concurrent session per 4 reps employed. You will also want to factor in how many customers you’re connecting into and how frequently. 
      • For example, if you have 100 reps on your team, we might recommend a license to support 25 concurrent sessions. 
    • Be sure to also take into account your expected team growth in the organization in the next few years.
SecureLink deployment options

We offer 3 different methods to deploy SecureLink in order to fit in best with your company’s requirements and infrastructure: 

    • A virtual appliance in your own environment or cloud infrastructure.
    • A physical server in your environment.
    • A hosted offering in the SecureLink Cloud.
High-availability or disaster recovery requirements

These options ensure the availability of SecureLink in the event of unforeseen circumstances or unpredictable instances of downtime.

Number of locations

Multiple locations or sites across your organization that require access by your vendors can play into pricing.

Length of agreement

Agreement lengths can vary from one year to multiple years.

Timing of purchase

Do you need to deploy SecureLink ASAP with a hard deadline, or this a budget placeholder for future consideration? We work to match your timeline. 

What's Your Return on Investment?

On the fence about investing in SecureLink? Find out your ROI potential by downloading our custom-made calculator to enter your exact numbers and receive a custom report.

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