The lightweight remote access tool that packs a heavyweight punch

With SecureLink's Gatekeeper, you no longer need to choose between a remote access tool with robust security or one with optimal support. Working in conjunction with your vendor’s SecureLink server, Gatekeeper lets you set the rules for remote access:

  • Set access schedules
  • Enforce least privilege policy
  • Secure administrative credentials
  • Get email notifications of vendor connections
  • Audit every action of every user in high definition

Gatekeeper’s high-definition audit provides absolute clarity at the individual user level, including contextual information about a support session, and detailed information about actions taken with each remote support connection.

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Gatekeeper is airtight security with push-button simplicity. Help your vendors deliver great support while protecting your data and ensuring accountability.

SecureLink Gatekeeper informational video

Who has access

Technicians connecting authenticate on the vendor’s SecureLink server and must be a member of a group that has access rights to your network. Logins can’t be shared, so there’s no risk of a terminated employee doing harm.

What activities technicians can perform

The SecureLink Gatekeeper allows you to set least privilege permissions, down to the port and server level, giving the technicians access to everything they need and nothing they don’t. Easily store your privileged access credentials in Gatekeeper’s secure password vault so your logins don’t get written on sticky notes at the vendor’s support center.

Where technicians can visit

Gatekeeper restricts support technicians to specific ports on specific machines, so there’s no roaming around. Remote support users are granted encrypted access to services and never join your network, so there’s no risk of virus transmission or snooping around.

Why a technician connected

Gatekeeper’s high-definition audit ties contextual information (support ticket number, the reason for connecting, etc.) to each session.

High-definition audit

Gatekeeper helps both enterprise and third-party technology vendors mitigate liability with high-definition auditing tools that track all activity including files transferred, commands entered, services accessed, detailed log files, and even video replay of desktop sharing and RDP sessions. Audit tracking is tied to the individual user, creating 360-degree visibility for all parties involved.

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