Maintain Internal system controls with user access reviews


Only 36% of organizations have visibility into the level of access and permissions for both internal and external users.

SecureLink Access Intelligence enables organizations to audit user access rights to critical systems to ensure users have the right access to the right systems.

Purposefully built to audit all user access changes and permissions, SecureLink Access Intelligence helps your organization meet compliance for internal access requirements, HITRUST requirements, SOC 2 requirements and SOX auditing. Through the power of automation, Access Intelligence allows your organization to:

Increase accuracy with automation that delegates review of user access and permissions to the correct manager or department

Stay in the loop with the review process by tracking the review progress to see its percentage of completion allowing for timely, controlled audits

Enhance productivity and allow managers to easily send permission changes through your organization’s IT ticketing system

With SecureLink’s Access Intelligence, your organization can save time that would have been spent on manual processes, meet regulatory requirements to ensure compliance, and gain better insight into your organization’s user access reviews with an easy, efficient, solution.

Automation of User Access Reviews
Delegate Review to Managers Automatically delegate review of user permissions to managers and supervisors who have better insight into access needs of employees, instead of IT or security teams, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of access reviews while reducing the burden on IT and other departments.
Log User Access Changes Document all changes and updates made within the system, track IT requests, and log all uploaded files/systems
Track Access Review Status Track the progress of each review to see its percentage to completion, with customizable views by application, reviewer or department enable full visibility and granular control over the entire review process
Meet Compliance and Security Best Practices

Understanding Critical Access Management


Download this eBook where we’ll take a deep dive into critical access management and cover the definition of critical access and the three pillars of critical access management: access governance, access control, and access monitoring.

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