Do you need to know which of your employees has access to certain systems? SecureLink Access Intelligence audits user access to internal systems so you can easily and efficiently practice role-based access control. SecureLink Access Intelligence is purposefully built to audit all user access changes and permissions to help you meet compliance for internal access requirements, HITRUST requirements, and SOX auditing.

Is your user access review process HITRUST compliant?

Download the HITRUST compliance checklist

Learn how to ensure your internal system access rights are HITRUST compliant and discover the checks your organization should have in place to aid in your compliance goals.

Maintain user access compliance with efficiency and ease

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Let automation delegate the work

Reviewing user access permissions manually is nearly impossible to keep up with. It’s time-consuming, unorganized, and at large risk for human error. With SecureLink Access Intelligence, automation does the heavy lifting. Instead of one team reviewing an entire organization’s internal controls, SecureLink Access Intelligence offers a system of roles and responsibilities that delegates the user review to managers and supervisors who have better insight into which internal systems their employees should have access to and which ones they shouldn’t.

Easily track and document user access changes

It’s critical to track and document user access changes for internal systems within your organization, but it’s a lot of work considering the number of systems, controls, departments, and people you would work with to maintain and track each change. As a user access review tool, SecureLink Access Intelligence automatically records and documents all changes made within the system, tracks ServiceNow requests, logs files uploaded to the tool, and provides fast reporting at the end of a review.

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Keep up with the status of each access review

It’s not always easy to know or see the progress of user access reviews or how long it’s taking someone to review access privileges. With SecureLink Access Intelligence, you can easily track the progress of a review to see its percentage of completion. This ensures a timely internal control audit and holds team members accountable for their part in user access management.

Identify appropriate permissions

When access to an internal system is given to an employee who doesn’t need it, it could be costing your organization money on an unnecessary system license. Or, if an employee is terminated, there’s a slight risk their user access could be used for malicious intent, if not revoked immediately. SecureLink Access Intelligence allows managers and supervisors to quickly and easily send permission changes through your organization’s IT ticketing system so role-based access needs are met and leaders are able to more easily identify appropriate and inappropriate access permissions.

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What Does Access Intelligence Achieve?

  • Streamline the process of user access reviews and increase productivity with a distributed workflow to managers of all users
  • Meet regulatory requirements, such as SOX and HITRUST, with a formal process for attestation and certification of user access
  • Enforce the principle of least privilege by closely aligning access rights and access policy, resulting in lower total risk to the organization

Streamline the way you review access permissions for internal systems and ensure appropriate user access

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SecureLink Access Intelligence is a simple solution to help you determine appropriate user access to an organization’s internal systems. It makes user access control methods, such as changing access privileges, documenting user access, and reporting on access changes, efficient and streamlined to make sure you’re in step with your organization’s compliance requirements.

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