What are the benefits of cloud? All of the features and functionality you find in an on-premise deployment, plus more.

Get Up and Running Even Faster

If you are under a tight implementation timeframe, or want to solve your vendor access management pain as soon as possible, SecureLink Cloud is the quickest time-to-value and implementation in just 5 business days.

Minimize the Burden on Your IT Team

For under-resourced or overburdened IT teams who don’t need the immediate control over data and infrastructure, SecureLink Cloud is a great fit as we do all the heavy lifting and manage the appliance for you, including upgrades.

Industry Leading Solution

SecureLink Cloud offers the same features and functionality as our on-premise version, so you don’t have to sacrifice functionality when choosing to deploy in the cloud.

Cloud benefits for vendor access management


Learn more about the top reasons to consider a cloud deployment for your vendor access management platform.

Is SecureLink Cloud right for you?

No matter which product you’re interested in – SecureLink for Enterprises or SecureLink for Vendors – you can choose to host with SecureLink Cloud.

SecureLink Cloud

Not sure which product makes sense for you?

  • If you’re an organization looking to manage and control the remote access of your third parties, visit SecureLink for Enterprises to learn more.
  • If you’re a technology provider looking to provide remote support into your customers’ environments, SecureLink for Vendors to learn more.


Request a demo to see how SecureLink’s Cloud solution helps identify, audit, and control third parties.

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