Enterprise-Grade Remote Support with Peace of Mind


Attackers are coming after you and your customers: 51% of breaches are tied to third-party providers and vendors.

SecureLink Customer Connect enables technology vendors to securely access their customers' environments, providing customers with the access control and visibility that they require.

SecureLink Customer Connect provides technology vendors with a secure, enterprise-grade remote access platform to provide services and support to their customers' assets.

SecureLink’s Customer Connect provides technology vendors and service providers with a secure remote access connection into their customers’ environments. Customer Connect is a complete, enterprise-grade remote support access platform that:

Standardizes remote access to all customers with a single login for technicians

Meets customers’ security and compliance requirements with control and visibility over access

Limits liability and risk with access based on Zero Trust

Delivers faster time-to-value with customer onboarding support and multiple deployment options

Customers are demanding higher levels of security, visibility and control from their third parties’ access. With Customer Connect, standardize your remote support access, and meet the requirements of your strictest customers to achieve security, standardization, and efficiency—no compromises.

Access Governance


Self-Registration and Onboarding Workflows Reps can self-register and request access approval to what they need without IT involvement
Access Policy Management Define least privilege access per rep, to ensure they have only the access needed, reducing risk and liability with access to customer environments
Multi-factor Authentication Verify each rep’s identity before enabling connectivity to customer networks
Individual Accounts with a Single Login Provide reps with a single platform and login to access all of their customers; eliminate credential sharing and management of multiple access methods
Passwordless Authentication Enable users to log in without having to enter a password using device-based authentication
Access Control
Access Monitoring

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Support for Technology Vendors & Service Providers


Reducing your exposure to a data breach starts with securing your connection. Download this guide for technology vendors, where you’ll find the top benefits of using a standardized remote support tool.

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