Frustrated by the wasted time, costs, and risks of using different access methods for each client? Look what you can get by standardizing access management with SecureLink:

Streamline Operations

Efficiently provide secure remote support with a single click. Technicians can securely connect, control, and collaborate precisely where they’re needed. It eliminates hassles over connectivity or waiting for shared desktop hosts.

Standardize Remote Access

Use a single, easy-to-use solution to access your customers’ critical IT systems. Eliminate the disparate, insecure access methods that can leave you vulnerable.

Increase Control and Visibility

Your customers can provide their own credentials so that you don’t need to know the password. Your customers control your access and receive an audit of your activity.

Eliminate the Risk of Compromised Access

Our multi-factor authentication and least privileged access keep a tight lid on risk. So you can stop losing sleep worrying about liabilities from disgruntled former employees and VPN-wandering rogues.

Automate Routine Tasks

Eliminate the manual collection of system logs and utilization data. SDK tools let you automatically collect data without needing client assistance or tying up your people’s time.

Troubleshoot and Train

SecureLink captures all user activity with video and keystroke replays of file transfers, commands, and services accessed. It’s ideal data for forensic problem solving and training new employees.

Whether you choose to deploy in SecureLink’s cloud, your own private cloud or in your DMZ, SecureLink Customer Connect is a standardized remote support platform that enables technology vendors to securely and efficiently access their customers’ environments.

SECURELINK CUSTOMER CONNECT Diagram of how SecureLink Customer Connect works

Key Features

SELF REGISTRATION Your employees directly request access to what they need and app owners approve it. This enables your support team to do their work without delay.
VENDOR CONNECTION FORM Customers become more confident in your compliance because each access event can include licensing numbers and context on what your team is accessing and why.
CREDENTIAL VAULT Your privileged access credentials are securely stored in this repository. Your customers can rest easy knowing your techs don’t have or need visibility to app and service-level credentials
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT SecureLink’s software development kit (SDK) enables automation of remote support to perform routine tasks, make connections, and generate reports.
HIGH-DEFINITION AUDIT All sessions are recorded via text-based or video audit logs, and capture details such as files transferred, commands entered and services accessed to reduce your liability.
MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Multi-factor authentication ensures that you're approved to access your customer's network.
UNIVERSAL ACCESS METHODS We support connectivity and audit for all TCP and UDP protocols including, but not limited to, RDP, Telnet, SSH, HTTPS, FTP, and custom protocols.
YOUR DEPLOYMENT PREFERENCE SecureLink meets your requirements, offering deployments in SecureLink’s Cloud, in your own private cloud, or in your DMZ on a virtual or physical machine

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