Enterprise Remote Access for Third Parties


51% of organizations have experienced a third-party data breach, primarily as a result of giving too much privileged access.

SecureLink Enterprise Access is purpose-built to verify and manage individual third-party identities and define granular access policies.

SecureLink Enterprise Access provides peace of mind by monitoring all vendor session acitivity with detailed audit logs and HD video recordings.

SecureLink's Enterprise Access secures third-party and vendor remote access to your organization's critical systems and information. Designed specifically to address the unique challenges of external users, Enterprise Access is a complete, all-in-one third-party remote access platform that:

Manages and verifies third-party identities and enforces least-privileged access

Controls access with Zero Trust Network Access, fine-grained access controls, and secure credential management

Records and audits all session activity for complete visibility and regulatory compliance

Delivers fast time-to-value with vendor onboarding support and multiple deployment options

SecureLink Enterprise Access allows you to manage and control the critical access your third parties need to systems, servers, and databases via a single solution, without having to sacrifice efficiency or security.




MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Verify the identities of each individual to ensure they are who they say they are
INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS Eliminate the risks with shared logins and know exactly who is in your network
Passwordless Authentication Enable users to log in without having to enter a password using device-based authentication
EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION Ensure that the individual requesting access is still employed by the third party and has a valid reason for access
SELF-REGISTRATION AND ONBOARDING WORKFLOWS Streamline the onboarding of third parties with self-registration and approval workflows for account creation without needing IT involvement

Understanding Third-Party Risk


As the 2022 Ponemon Institute Report showed, third-party risk is only increasing. Take a closer look at what insights the report found with this in-depth look at third-party risk and what organizations are (or aren’t) doing to keep their most critical access points safe.

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