VPNs and shared desktop solutions leave your systems vulnerable. Our platform provides:

Access for Approved Users Only

Multi-factor authentication is tied to your vendors’ company systems, which ensures technicians are who they say they are and eliminates the risk of shared logins.

Least Privileged Access

Unlike VPNs, SecureLink automatically enforces least privileged permissions. It gives vendor technicians access to only the applications or resources where they are needed. 

Compliance Assurance

Go above and beyond federal vendor access requirements with multi-factor authentication, comprehensive IT security audit reporting, and real-time monitoring capabilities for every remote access session for enterprises.

Auditing Capabilities

Track each vendor user’s activity, including files transferred, commands entered, and services accessed. Replay videos or keystrokes of every desktop sharing and RDP session.

Centralized High-Performance Access

Installing one instance of SecureLink’s enterprise software in your environment enables a fast, available, and highly secure remote access solution for all of your technology vendors.

Easy Configuration

Our team can install and configure SecureLink for you in just a few weeks. After that, with business users authorizing their own vendors, routine operations are a snap.

A vendor privileged access management platform designed to keep
enterprise networks secure.

SECURELINK FOR ENTERPRISES How SecureLink for Enterprises connects to vendors using the SecureLink server

Key Features

SELF REGISTRATION Grant vendors employee access through a direct request to authorized users without needing IT support
VENDOR CONNECTION FORM Captures context on each vendor session, such as license number or reasons for connecting.
CREDENTIAL VAULT Store access codes securely while ensuring vendors have zero visibility to app-level credentials.
DESKTOP SHARING Enable impromptu attended support without needing the installation of client-side software.
DETAILED AUDIT Use video and keystroke logs to track files transferred, commands entered, and services accessed.
MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Multi-factor authentication ensures approved vendor access to your network.
UNIVERSAL ACCESS METHODS Supports connectivity and audit for all TCP and UDP protocols including, but not limited to, RDP, Telnet, SSH, HTTPS, FTP, and custom protocols.

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Deployment Considerations


Receive all of the training, technical support, and onboarding help you need at no extra cost.

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SecureLink offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading security, authentication, and workflow solutions.

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Deployment Options

We’re flexible; deploy as a pre-configured appliance, as software on your own servers, or hosted in the cloud.

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PAM Partners

For customers with existing enterprise Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, SecureLink
meets the unique demands of vendor privileged access management with integrations.

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