44% of organizations experienced a third-party data breach last year as a result of their third parties having too much privileged access

In today’s business landscape, providing remote access is an integral part of working with third parties who provide critical business services and support. However, with 44% of organizations experiencing a data breach caused by a third party in the past year alone, it’s fair to say that effectively securing the remote access of third parties is a challenge for many organizations. Why are organizations struggling to effectively and securely manage this access? Often it’s because organizations are using remote access solutions that are designed for internal employee access – not designed for the third-party use case – which poses its own set of unique challenges.

SecureLink’s enterprise remote access solution for third parties is designed specifically to address these unique challenges and secure the greatest point of risk in working with third parties: the point of connectivity. SecureLink for Enterprises is a complete, all-in-one remote access solution that:

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How Does SecureLink for Enterprises Work?

The SecureLink Enterprise server sits in your DMZ and is the connection point between your network and your third-party users. It requires no changes to your firewall to facilitate access, as all access is via outbound connections to the SecureLink server. All access and data are encrypted.

SecureLink for Enterprises Architecture

SecureLink for Enterprises Architecture Diagram

SecureLink for Enterprises Architecture Diagram


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