VPNs and shared desktop solutions leave patient care systems vulnerable. Our dedicated vendor privileged access management platform provides:

Standardized Vendor Management

You can now provide a standardized method of remote access for your vendors’ applications with detailed granular control while also allowing vendors access without having to provide passwords or credentials to your network.

Complete Visibility

Always know who is accessing your network, what they are accessing, and exactly when they are accessing. Accounts are tied to reps individual accounts, so you know exactly who is accessing your business and clinical applications. 

Improved Uptime of Critical Applications

Ensure vendors have immediate 24/7 access to the critical systems they need to support, rather than waiting on IT to provide access. 

Increased Remote Access Efficiency

Save time managing your vendors and provide vendors with the option of self-registration, rather than waiting on IT to create new accounts. Plus, vendor user accounts no longer have to be individually managed in your Active Directory.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Assurance

Avoid penalties and fines by clearly demonstrating compliance with HIPAA and HITECH. Receive detailed audit trails and HD video recordings of all sessions perfect for internal and external auditors.

The Reports You Need Quickly

SecureLink for Healthcare’s reports contain the details you need to provide to an auditor in a single solution, saving you valuable time because you won’t have to collect data from disparate sources.

A vendor privileged access management platform designed to keep
healthcare enterprise networks secure.



Key Features for Healthcare Organizations

DETAILED AUDIT Use video and keystroke logs to track files transferred, commands entered, and services accessed to demonstrate HIPAA compliance.
MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Ensure approved vendor access to your network with multi-factor authentication.
CREDENTIAL VAULT Store access codes securely while ensuring vendors have zero visibility to app-level credentials.
SELF REGISTRATION Grant vendors employee access through a direct request to authorized users without needing IT support.
APPROVAL WORKFLOWS Create approval workflows and delegate approvals to clinical application owners.
DESKTOP SHARING Enable impromptu attended support without needing the installation of client-side software.
VENDOR CONNECTION FORM Capture context on each vendor session, such as reasons for connecting.
UNIVERSAL ACCESS METHODS Support connectivity and audit for all TCP and UDP protocols including, but not limited to, RDP, Telnet, SSH, HTTPS, FTP, and custom protocols.
BUILT-IN BEST SECURITY PRACTICES AND COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST Use the built-in checklist to get an overall numerical score that indicates if the SecureLink server is configured for best security practices, and validates whether server configuration satisfies specific HIPAA and PCI compliance criteria.

Are you certain your organization’s remote access tools meet HIPAA regulations?


Remote access for third-party healthcare vendors can increase the risk of a security breach. Download this brochure to learn how to safeguard against system vulnerabilities, and maintain compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Deployment Considerations


Receive all of the healthcare-specific training, technical support, and onboarding help you need at no extra cost.

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SecureLink offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading security, authentication, and workflow solutions.

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Deployment Options

We’re flexible; deploy as a pre-configured appliance, as software installed on your own servers, or hosted in the cloud.

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