SecureLink Privacy Monitor

Protect patient privacy with HIPAA-compliant EMR access monitoring


There are an average of 2.5 million EMR accesses a day at the average healthcare organization.

SecureLink Privacy Monitor audits all access to EMR systems to protect patient privacy and enable healthcare organizations to meet their HIPAA privacy requirements.

SecureLink Privacy Monitor utilizes machine learning and artifial intelligence to automatically identify and alert on suspicious or unexplained behavior within critical and sensitive data systems.

SecureLink’s Privacy Monitor is an innovative patient privacy monitoring solution that streamlines the process of tracking all access into EMR systems. Powered by machine learning, Privacy Monitor transforms how healthcare organizations monitor and audit access by:

Increasing accuracy with 100% of accesses audited and ranked by order of suspicion or threat with contextual descriptions

Decreasing time spent investigating incidents by reducing false positives and generating alerts only for suspicious access

Efficiently maintaining HIPAA compliance and meeting all requirements for OCR Audit/Breach Reports

Easily detect fraud and prescription abuse within your organization with Drug Diversion Monitoring

Privacy Monitor ensures patient privacy is protected without causing friction with urgent patient care. You’ll have confidence that your most valuable data is protected, compliance objectives are upheld, and that all accesses will be tracked and recorded—all tailored to your organization’s goals and requirements.

Meet Privacy and Security Requirements
Reporting View executive dashboards and create customized one-time and recurring reports to demonstrate HIPAA compliance and ensure privacy and patient data protection
Investigations Portal Easily meet reporting requirements, run investigation reports, and create investigations for non-access-based events - all while reducing the time spent running an investigation and enabling timely decisions to ensure compliance
Drug Diversion Monitoring Detect prescription fraud and abuse by identifying inconsistencies in treatment codes, workflows and pain levels to meet regulatory requirements
AI/ML Intelligence

EMR Access Monitoring


Download the interactive EMR access monitoring checklist for the steps necessary to build out a successful EMR access review process.

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