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Patient Privacy Monitoring segment of the 2022 Best of KLAS report.
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As healthcare data breaches remain on an upward swing year after year, patient privacy monitoring remains one of the top priorities for healthcare organizations. The best way to protect patient data is to start from the inside by auditing internal access to electronic medical records (EMR). SecureLink Privacy Monitor solution is a healthcare compliance software that flags inappropriate access to medical records and logs all access attempts from within the organization. This patient privacy monitoring (PPM) software ensures your organization will stay HIPAA-compliant and identifies threats to EMR.

Are you tracking internal access to electronic medical records?

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Learn how to implement an access review process for EMR and streamline auditing EMR access attempts to ensure that data is being accessed by the right people.

Patient privacy monitoring that hits the trifecta – easy, efficient, and HIPAA-compliant

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An average of 40-60 healthcare staff members access each patient’s medical records every day. That’s millions of access attempts to EMR in healthcare organizations across the country – a lot to review manually for healthcare security and compliance teams. With SecureLink’s patient data compliance monitoring, all access attempts are audited within minutes and ranked by order of suspicion or threat, increasing efficiency and bringing ease to an arduous review process.

Real-time updates on suspicious activity

You don’t have to sift through millions of access attempts to find the ones that might be fishy. SecureLink’s solution flags inappropriate access and sends notifications right to your inbox, so you can immediately begin investigations or notify the appropriate parties or departments if needed. And no need to worry about false positives. SecureLink’s system uses contextual and social networking information to confirm the accuracy of access attempts as appropriate or inappropriate.

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A single HIPAA-compliant solution

Our compliance monitoring solution tracks all user activity, manages inappropriate access investigations, and even lets you designate patients as VIPs to enhance protective measures against highly sought-after medical records. It’s all you need to control EMR access and make sure you stay HIPAA-compliant.

Compliance for your organization

We understand that compliance requirements vary for each healthcare organization. While HIPAA remains a staple regulation, our patient privacy monitoring solution ensures that your unique compliance needs are met by generating customized reports based on your organization’s privacy and security needs.

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How does SecureLink Privacy Monitor work?

Drug Diversion Monitoring

Your compliance monitoring doesn’t have to stop at EMR access. Our patient privacy monitoring software offers drug detection solutions, so you can detect fraud and prescription abuse within your organization. SecureLink’s Drug Diversion monitoring incorporates clinical context to easily detect prescription fraud from all angles and mitigate the risk of medical staff abusing drug prescription access. The combination of Patient Privacy Monitoring and Drug Diversion helps protect your organization from insider threats and keeps you compliant along the way.

Drug Diversion combined with Patient Privacy Monitoring helps your organization further detect against insider threats, protect your patients, and mitigate risk.

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