Vendor Remote Access Solutions

SecureLink remote access solutions enables technology vendors and their customers to manage third-party network connections.

SecureLink allows technology support professionals to leverage their own (even proprietary) tools across a secure, audited connection - providing the ease of use vendors require while at the same time ensuring customer's compliance and reporting needs are met. Our remote access solutions are effective, reliable, and streamlined.

Whether you're a technology provider wishing to streamline your support processes or an enterprise looking to take hold of your third-party network access, SecureLink can help.

“Medical Center Hospital now has a standardized method for controlling vendor access and comprehensive, historic audit trails of all vendor activity. It takes a load off of our IT staff, allows us to get better support and delivers fully on the HIPAA requirement to know who is accessing our system and what they’re doing while on it. Somebody should have thought of this long before now!”

Kay Warner
Computer Security Officer Medical Center Hospital

Managing Vendor Access

Consolidate and simplify all your third-party network access. Set the rules for access and easily monitor all activity.

  • Designed for large organizations with complicated systems that often require comprehensive remote access solutions
  • Easy to use and accommodates any connectivity scenario

Standardizing Remote Support

Reduce time to resolution by using the SecureLink remote access solution which allows fast access and control while limiting liability.

  • Simple browser based interface
  • Get access to any server
  • Support multiple customers at the same time
  • Easy deployment via SecureLink Gatekeeper
  • Eliminate liability and risk of shared accounts and credentials
  • Unattended access for flexible remote access solutions
  • Automation capabilities to save time and resources

Audit and Compliance

We specialize in highly secure and regulated industries - SecureLink provides effective controls to ensure the security of information systems.

  • Capture the Who, What, When and Why of all remote access activity
  • Automated connection notifications
  • All activity mapped to individual users


Automation improves support and reduces costs.

The SecureLink Robot enables automation of routine or complex tasks to save time and money

  • Diagnostic log file gathering
  • Automated data collection
  • Maintains auditing capability and promotes transparency

Workflow Consulting

SecureLink offers custom remote access solutions to the get the most from your software.

  • Best Practices for vendor remote access
  • Design standardized remote support policies tailored to ensure efficiency
  • Develop remote access solutions, tailor-made all the way from planning to delivery, that thoroughly protect network information systems and preserve staff resources
  • Vendor Discovery
  • Product training

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