The SecureLink platform makes it easy to control your remote support operations. Standardized remote support software tools give technology providers fast access, limited liability and the ability to automate tasks. Customers can set the rules for remote support connectivity, monitor all access and customize audit reports to manage compliance. The modular architecture of SecureLink remote support software allows you to tailor solutions that make sense, according to your business requirements.

Manage Vendor Remote Access

SecureLink's Vendor Access module provides an extremely protected environment to manage remote support for large businesses that have multiple technology vendors. Some of the important components of the Vendor Access module are:

Two-Factor Authentication

This highly secure method grants remote support access only to approved users and allows entrance to authorized networks.

High Definition Audit

Our audit controls provide detailed log files and video capture of screen sharing/RDP sessions, so all remote support activities can be taken under your supervision

Provide Remote Support

The SecureLink Remote Support module delivers advanced connectivity features allowing fast and secure access to customer's networks.

The Gatekeeper
The Gatekeeper is a customizable piece of software that enables technology vendors to deliver remote support to their customers in secure and regulated environments.

Active Directory / LDAP Integration

SecureLink makes it easy to ensure that accounts don't get shared and that a terminated employee won't walk out the door with credentials to log into a customer's network.

    SecureLink generates detailed reports of all remote support activity
    Both the technology vendors AND their customers have access to this detailed audit.
    Provide your customers with automated connection notifications and summary reports of activity when complete.

SecureLink Robot

The SecureLink Robot module automates routine tasks, such as gathering utilization statistics, diagnostic log files, version information or other valuable stores of information located on remotely deployed customer systems.


QuickConnect enables a simpler way of delivering remote support by allowing you to get ad-hoc access to end users' desktops. A one-time use “key” is sent to the remote machine’s user and once entered, gives the help desk technician all the access he or she needs.


With the SecureLink Alerts module, technology companies can send automated messages back to their SecureLink server in real time. Combined with the Robot Module, automated response and remediation of remote support issues is not only possible, but easy.