Standardizing Remote Support

Remote access has changed the way we work. You can deploy a cutting edge application to anyone from anywhere.

If you’re one of the geniuses that built this year’s game-changing piece of software, your client list is growing fast. Trying to support every client with different remote access tools will drain resources and increase time-to-resolution.

SecureLink streamlines your remote support communication and connections making it easy to resolve problems FAST. We’ve developed a solution that brings all your support activity to one secure location. Your customers set the rules and you get ACCESS how and when you need it – immediately.

SecureLink frees up your technicians to focus on the projects that grow your company.

SecureLink Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is a small client application installed on the customer's system that increases security and accountability while improving service levels from technology vendors. The Gatekeeper authenticates the technicians, encrypts all traffic and enforces the customer's rules.

  • Outbound connection over SSH: No firewall or Network security adjustments needed on customer side
  • Granular permissions control - Down to the individual account level
  • Advanced security settings - Four encryption options to secure communication
  • Network notifications - Customers receive email notifications when a user attempts to access their network
  • Technology vendor privileges - Built-in tools to diagnose and resolve issues decreasing time to resolution

SecureLink Appliance

The SecureLink server is an appliance delivered to technology providers or SecureLink can host the appliance at the our data center.

Powerful Access – Verified and Controllable

Get only the access you need. Our remote support software and tools can be customized to suit the needs of your customers in secure, regulated industries.

  • Full control over connection rules improves network security
  • High definition audit ensures accountability and compliance
  • No infrastructure - Reduce costs and resources needed to manage hardware
  • Secure credential storage keeps passwords private
  • Eliminates risks & liabilities of insecure remote access
  • Active Directory/LDAP integration allows easy authentication and approval of users

Show Customers Why Your Technicians are Rockstars

Fast access and a secure process equals happy customers