G2 report for privileged access management software, 2020

SecureLink is ranked as a leader in G2’s Momentum Grid Report for privileged access management (PAM) software.

PAM software allows companies to secure their privileged credentials in a centralized, secure vault (a credential vault). SecureLink ranks among the top PAM software providers in the industry and helps companies protect the keys to their IT kingdom by ensuring that privileged credentials, such as admin accounts on critical assets, are only accessed by those with the proper permissions to do so.

SecureLink takes third-party remote access security a step further by allowing administrators to create and provision privileged access accounts and offering a credential vault with zero visibility to app-level credentials. It also monitors, records, and logs all user activity while using privileged accounts specifically for third parties, vendors, and contractors.

Download G2’s Trending Privileged Access Management (PAM) Software for Fall 2020 Report to learn what makes SecureLink a Momentum Leader.

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