ROI Research Report for Enterprises

Hobson & Company interviewed enterprise customers who noted they experienced consistent challenges with remote access like increasing cybersecurity threats, compliance, and regulatory requirements. This research report, “Driving ROI: The Case for a Proven Secure Remote Access Platform,” outlines those key challenges, use cases, and how companies have seen a real return on investment since implementing SecureLink. On top of seeing financial results, customers also noted a:

  • 90% reduction in time spent supporting and troubleshooting vendor access
  • 70% reduction in time spent on security investigations and audits
  • 50% reduction in regulatory and/or contractual fines
  • 50% reduction in downtime of vendor applications

“We have saved hundreds of man hours per year in this area [reducing time spent supporting vendor access], which has allowed us to do things we couldn’t do before.”

—Security Analyst

This research report is also available in the ROI Kit for Enterprises that includes an ROI calculator and case studies.‎

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