SecureLink Case Studies

Automation with SecureLink: Sotera Wireless

The Challenge:

Sotera Wireless leverages the SecureLink Robot to automate data gathering, perform real time performance checks, improve support, and save money.

Medical Center Hospital

The Challenge:

Vendors were going through MCH’s network to support their applications with a wide range of methodologies including modems, VPN accounts, desktop sharing tools, vendor proprietary solutions, and site-to-site networking.


The Challenge:

Supporting mission critical applications for a global customer base is serious business. A system issue may not only cost millions of dollars, it may impact factors more important than money, such as patient care.

John Paladino, InterSystems’ Vice President of Client Services, remarked “When there’s an issue with one of our clients, there’s no time to lose. Support must be crisp, expert and immediate.”

Eclipsys (Allscripts) Corporation

The Challenge:

As an end-to-end healthcare solutions provider, Eclipsys has an extensive product suite that includes a number of server-based software solutions. With over 1,500 customers being supported by 1,000 support analysts, Eclipsys requires remote diagnostics and maintenance of customer systems to meet cost management and customer satisfaction goals.