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NISC eliminates security risks

Discover how this IT solutions company eliminated unsecured B2B VPN access and gained fast, secure, audited access to their customers’ networks. You’ll see how the flexible SecureLink platform was the only solution that enabled them to add customer applications and launch these from their own desktops.

Sotera Wireless improves workflow

See how one medical device company benefits from implementing SecureLink Robot to automate secure connections. And discover how they leveraged SecureLink’s existing connection to provide continuous monitoring with elite security protocols.

Medical Center Hospital streamlines processes

Find out how to get a more cohesive and streamlined IT environment in this customer story. You'll see how SecureLink for Enterprise enables one medical provider to organize and secure their vendor access, ensuring compliance and accountability.

InterSystems supports mission-critical apps

Read how one company provides first-class customer support thanks to SecureLink. You'll also see how, by leveraging a platform built for the job, SecureLink helps InterSystems to streamline support operations, deliver outstanding service, and accommodate their customers’ need for security and compliance.

Allscripts boosts support efficiency

Learn how one healthcare vendor was able to enhance connection reliability and improve response and resolution times - all while saving their customers money. You'll uncover how SecureLink provided Allscripts with a solution that provided control, flexibility and security and enabled the company's cost of connectivity to drop by 87%.