ROI Calculator for Enterprises

Not sure about investing in secure third-party remote access? Find out your ROI potential and receive a customized report


Hobson & Company, a leading research firm, created a SecureLink-specific calculator to forecast an enterprise’s ROI. Simply input the number of vendors that need access to your network and the results will be directly emailed to you. When you fill out the calculator to discover your ROI potential, you will receive:

  • A personalized 3-year ROI
  • The overall 3-year value created
  • The monthly cost of waiting to invest


“We can lose revenue and incur penalties if our systems are down, even if it’s for routine maintenance… SecureLink has improved both maintenance and response rates.”

—Security Analyst


On average, SecureLink Enterprise Access customers experience:

  • A 3-year ROI of 1,028%
  • An investment payback after 1.2 months
  • 80% reduction in time spent managing and tracking vendor access
  • 70% reduction in time spent on security investigations and audits
  • 50% reduction in downtime of vendor applications

This calculator is also available in the ROI Kit for Enterprises that includes a research report and case studies.‎

Access the ROI calculator

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