ROI Case Study: Gaming Enterprise

In this case study, a casino has four vendors who need to connect remotely. Previously, this casino relied on a VPN, but they understood that it wasn’t secure or efficient enough for vendor access management.

Download our case study to find out why this casino chose SecureLink, and find out more about:

  • Vendor visibility and control: Instead of their previous method of just trusting their vendors, this casino is now able to investigate vendor activity, which has been a huge advantage for them.
  • Regulatory compliance: Previous to implementing SecureLink, this casino struggled to meet compliance requirements. Since implementing SecureLink, the biggest advantage has been ensuring compliance with necessary mandates.
  • Vendor transparency and insight: Previously this casino had no insight into what their vendors were doing. Instead of being in the dark about what their vendors were doing, they are now able to watch video logs of what vendor reps did, why, and at what time.

“The biggest advantage has been getting us in compliance with regulatory requirements.”

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