ROI Case Study: Legal Enterprise

In this case study, an international law firm that needs its vendors to connect remotely to their network describes their third-party remote access processes before and after implementing a vendor privileged access management platform, like SecureLink. When making the switch, this law firm was able to see these key benefits:


  • Vendor visibility and control: One of the biggest advantages for this law firm is having email notifications and recordings of remote sessions.
  • Time savings: They were able to free up time that would usually spend on vendor access management and use it on other things.
  • Centralized vendor access: Their previous setup did not allow them to manage vendors in a central location. Now, their processes are centralized.
  • Streamlined vendor access: Previously they had to tie up their individual computers, which is no longer necessary.


“There are less issues to begin with, and if there is a problem, vendors can get in quicker than before without involving IT.”

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