ROI Case Study: Healthcare Enterprise Customer

In this case study a healthcare enterprise customer describes their third-party remote access processes before and after implementing SecureLink. Previous to switching to SecureLink’s vendor access management platform, this customer relied on insecure VPNs. After the Target breach in 2013, it opened their eyes up to what could become a reality for them if they didn’t take control of their vendor access methods.

Download this case study to learn more about the key takeaways that this SecureLink customer saw in terms of ROI, including the importance of:

  • Vendor visibility and control: “One of the biggest advantages is vendor control, including knowing who they are, what they’re doing, when they come in, etc.”
  • Audit capabilities: Previously, this hospital did not have any information about vendor access and was unable to create logs, so having audit capabilities and being able to ensure HIPAA compliance was a top priority.
  • Ease of use: Using VPNs to allow vendors’ network access was tedious for everyone involved, so cutting down on time spent as well as ensuring their vendor access management platform was easy to use was key.
  • Customer base: This customer really liked that “there is added value when a vendor already uses SecureLink; once we connect to each other’s environments, they can register and manage their directory themselves.”

There is additional value when a vendor already has a SecureLink environment, as they can register and manage their own directory themselves.

Access the ROI case study

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