Professional Services

SecureLink is used by some of the world’s largest companies in secure, regulated industries, including healthcare, government, finance, gaming, and higher education.

Since 2003 we have concentrated our approach to accommodate secure environments.

As leaders in this space, we have built substantial knowledge and experience within our team. In addition to our remote support product platform, we offer professional services to optimize your operations.

“In 29 years with the company, I’ve come to appreciate a partnership like the one we have with SecureLink. We’ve worked with some companies that have great products, but terrible service. SecureLink has earned our trust with both the quality of the product and passion for customer support that rivals our own.“

John Paladino
VP of Client Services InterSystems

Implementation Services

We’ve been helping technology companies deploy SecureLink for a long time – and we have mastered the finesse of smooth implementation.

Managed Services

We will take the lead on all partner communications to ensure a seamless implementation.

  • Vendor qualification, preparation and training
  • Technician selection/authorization
  • Workflow Consulting

    We offer custom solutions to optimize the efficiency of your operations, improve security and provide complete accountability.

  • Best Practices for managing remote support
  • Vendor Discovery
  • Workflow Training
  • Vendor Onboarding

    SecureLink is an expert at migrating vendors to the SecureLink platform. Let us answer the questions and take the support calls instead of stretching your own resources for the initial migration.

  • Vendor Discovery
  • Onboarding Training
  • Integration Services

    The SecureLink product platform is both powerful and flexible. We are able to integrate with any of your existing applications and we will develop a customized process that delivers efficient results.

    Automation Consulting

    We are all about efficiency. It’s important to us that you’re able to utilize our tools to save time and reduce costs across the board. We can look at your current processes and tailor an automated system to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. The SecureLink Robot will save time and resources.


    SecureLink can create custom, automated reports with exactly the information you require delivered at the frequency you specify.