Vendors accessing your network expose your organization to security and non-compliance risks.


Ensure regulatory compliance by providing privileged access to individual vendor users and automatically capture detailed audit trails.

SecureLink aids users with compliance across major regulations.

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Get coverage on major categories of system access compliance.

Auditing and user accountability Administrators assign, then mask and pass, access credentials. SecureLink provides quick access to detailed audits of all vendor remote access.
Access controls Users are given role-based least privileged access with granular permission controls. Vendor employment is verified with every login and defined time limits for remote access are easily established.
Identification and authentication Administrators establish password complexity requirements meeting the most stringent regulations. Multi-factor authentication ensures the users’ identity is accurate.
Encryption The SecureLink server, user, and client agents employ AES 128-bit ciphers, or greater, for all encryption. Audit data at rest is encrypted at 256-bit AES.

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