PAM platforms don’t meet the unique needs of managing vendor users.


Integrate SecureLink's vendor privileged access management platform with a PAM solution to bring vendor access up to your standards.

SecureLink’s server adds privileged access management for vendors that’s as
secure and simple as PAM for internal employees

Diagram of how SecureLink works with privileged access management vendorsHow SecureLink works with privileged access management vendors

PAM Partners

For customers with existing enterprise Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions, SecureLink
meets the unique demands of vendor privileged access management with integrations.

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Why integrate SecureLink with a PAM solution?

Typical PAM implementation


Allows access for vendors without providing network credentials
Provides multi-factor authentication of vendor users without requiring an additional tool
Automates the vendor and vendor user management processes
Validates employment status of vendor users
Audits and records privileged sessions
Provides granular access controls and scheduling
Securely manages, rotates and ingests privileged credentials
Provides granular command filtering and canned scripts & commands

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