The risks and costs of client data breaches create huge liabilities for technology vendors.


Protect your business by systematically enforcing security compliance and quickly resolve conflicts through automated audit records.



Reduce the risks of providing remote support with the following key features:

CRM profile Customers can be assured of your compliance with records of each access event, including licensing numbers or other context on what your team member is accessing and why.
Credential Vault This secure repository stores privileged credentials. Your customers will rest easy knowing your techs don't have or need visibility to app-level credentials.
Multi-factor authentication Comply with regulations and avoid the risk of stolen credentials.
Least privileged access Your users only have access to apps for which they’re explicitly authorized, eliminating VPN-wandering rogue actions.
Keystroke-level audits All SSH commands, database actions, and file activities are tracked at a user level.
Video replay Desktop sharing and RDP sessions are completely captured on video recordings.

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