Standardize Remote Support

Give Support Teams One Simple Way To Securely Connect With All Clients


Varying access methods imposed by different clients waste staff’s time and your money.


Become more efficient by standardizing on a high-speed remote support platform that meets the most stringent client standards.

SecureLink Provides A Single System For Secure Remote Support To Any Client


Why choose SecureLink as the single solution for all remote support?

icon simple and streamlined

Simple and Streamlined

SecureLink’s unified remote support platform simplifies customer service, streamlines your services, scales as you grow, and lets you to resolve issues faster.

icon high level security

Security At The Highest Level

SecureLink is a remote support platform you can use to standardize compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, FIPS, PCI DSS, and CJIS, to meet the needs of customers in healthcare, legal, gaming, and government.

icon increased productivity

Increased Productivity

Clients no longer need to physically allow connections. Your team can focus on supporting customers, not managing passwords.

icon forensice and training tool

Forensic and Training Tool

With audit tools that capture all user activity with video and keystroke replays, SecureLink is an ideal tool for forensic problem-solving and new employee training.

SecureLink Features Enable Standardization Of All Remote Support

Self-registration Your employees directly request, and app owners grant secure access. This enables your support team to do their work without delay.
Nexus SecureLink’s centralized authentication center enables automatic secure connections between existing enterprise and vendor customers.
Gatekeeper Lightweight code, installed on a single server in your client’s environment, enables them to define available schedules and permissions while giving your team the flexible access they need.
Quick Connect When an end user requires support, there are no holdups. Your support technicians can immediately connect and collaborate with customers at their desktops.
Supports local tools Support analysts can use their favorite proprietary resolution tools without paying additional license fees.
Unified system A single platform manages remote support connections for all customers, across all OS platforms, reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

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