Privileged access for vendors requires more than typical PAM

While traditional privileged access management (PAM) solutions provide robust capabilities for securing privileged access and sessions, they revolve around knowing and managing the identity of individual users within your directory service. This works great for managing employees or permanent contractors, but introduces security and efficiency challenges when trying to manage transient and often unknown vendor users who may need to access a privileged application or session to provide routine maintenance or support. To gain insight into the costs associated with these inefficiencies, you can use our ROI calculator.

Privileged access management vs. SecureLink vs. Integrated solution

SecureLink for Enterprises is specifically designed for managing privileged access of vendor users and other third parties, and when deployed with an integrated PAM provider, you can take advantage of the granular command filtering, endpoint security, and advanced credential management capabilities of your PAM solution for your remote vendor users.

Typical PAM implementation
Integrated SecureLink and PAM solution
Allows access for vendors without providing network credentials No Yes Yes
Provides multi-factor authentication of vendor users without another tool to be implemented with your vendor users No Yes Yes
Automates the vendor and vendor user management process No Yes Yes
Validates employment status of vendor users No Yes Yes
Audits and records privileged sessions Yes Yes Yes
Provides granular access controls and scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Manages, rotates and injects privileged credentials securely Yes Limited Yes
Provides granular command filtering and canned scripts/commands Yes No Yes

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.

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