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Frequently Asked Questions for Technology Vendors

Chrome disabled my Java plug-in, can I still connect using SecureLink?(PERMALINK)
Chrome 42 removed support for NPAPI by default. This disables a number of plug-ins including Java. You can bypass the browser's java plug-in by doing the following:
  • From the Help menu, select "Download Windows Client"
  • Download and run the executable on this page
  • With the executable running, you will be able to connect without the need to enable the plug-in

My connect button is grayed out, how do I get access?(PERMALINK)
Contact your application owner to have the access enabled.
What do I do if I get Authentication Failed at login?(PERMALINK)
  • Click the “Forgot my password” link to the left of the login screen
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address after which a password reset email will be sent
  • If this does not fix the problem, contact your application owner

Why has my account been disabled?(PERMALINK)
  • Many organizations have policies governing inactive or unregistered accounts
  • Please contact your application owner to have your account enabled

I don’t have a SecureLink login, how do I access my customers network?(PERMALINK)
  • Click the “Vendors click here to register” link on the login screen or contact your application owner
  • SecureLink provides the capability for vendor support reps to request a SecureLink account from the login screen. Not all customers take advantage of this feature – and some organizations will limit the feature to specific vendors
  • If the feature is not available, or if you get “There was a problem with your registration”, contact your application owner

What should I do if I'm getting a ClassNotFoundException when trying to connect?(PERMALINK)
  • From your java control panel, click the Advanced tab, disable “Use SSL 2.0 compatible clientHello format” and enable "Use TLS 1.0"
  • Some users may experience an error connecting after updating Java that reads "Error. Click for details"
  • Selecting this error brings up a detailed Application Error message that states “ClassNotFoundException” and reads “rss.sdc.SdcApplet.class” in the details – This indicates that Java is configured either not to communicate over TLS1.0 or is configured to use SSL2.0 in addition to TLS1.0

I am having trouble getting logged in(PERMALINK)
  • Reset your password by clicking the “Forgot my password” link to the left of the login screen
  • If your account is disabled or you do not have a SecureLink account, contact the application owner or your primary contact at the organization that you are trying to access - SecureLink support cannot re-enable disabled accounts or create new support rep accounts

The connect option on my application is grayed out(PERMALINK)
SecureLink customers can control access to their environment by disabling remote access until needed. If your connect option is grayed out, your access has been temporarily disabled and will have to be enabled by your customer.
I am having issues getting connected using SecureLink(PERMALINK)
Check your browser version – SecureLink supports the following browser versions:
  • Internet Explorer 7*
  • Internet Explorer 8, without Compatibility Mode
  • Internet Explorer 9, without Compatibility Mode
  • Internet Explorer 10, without Compatibility Mode
  • Internet Explorer 11, with Compatibility Mode
  • Google Chrome version 20 or newer †
  • Mozilla Firefox version 17 or newer
  • Safari version 5.1 or newer
* - There are minor defects in the layout of the user interface when viewed with IE7, due to its incomplete support for modern standards - these visual artifacts do not impact connectivity † - Chrome for Mac is 32-bit only and therefore incompatible on Mac OS X Lion or Mavericks which use the 64-bit Java 7 plug-in - modern Macs with Java 7 should use Firefox - see Chrome issue 18323
Verify your Java version
  • Navigate to http://java.com/
  • Click the "Do I have Java?" link, which appears beneath the red button
  • Click the "Verify Java version" button
  • (Firefox users only) Activate the Java-plugin by clicking on the gray box labeled "Activate"
Clear your cache To clear the java cached you can clear the java cache in most cases by going to the windows Control Panel - Java- Temporary internet files - Delete Files. To clear the browser cache in most I.E. versions you go to Tools - Internet Options - General Tab - Temporary Internet Files Section - Delete files To clear the browser cache in Firefox you choose Tools - Options - Privacy - Private Data Section - Settings and check the Cache option then click OK. Or you can simply choose Tools - Clear Private Date which will clear private settings.
Delete your SlinkSW directory
  • Disconnect from any SecureLink sessions (and preferably close all browser windows)
  • Browse to your local user temp directory by opening and explorer window and typing "%temp%" without the quotes into the address bar
  • Delete the directory named SlinkSW
  • Confirm the directory is fully deleted (if not a system restart may be required before attempting to delete the directory again)
  • Retry your SecureLink connection and verify correct functionality

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and am still having issues getting connected(PERMALINK)
Your first option is to contact your customer's application owner or SecureLink Administrator for assistance. Additionally, you may contact SecureLink support by sending an email to success@securelink.com. It will be helpful (and almost always help us resolve your issue more quickly) to include the logs from your connection attempts when contacting SecureLink support. The instructions below will help retrieve these logs. Retrieving Connection Logs
  • Browse to your local C:/ drive in file explorer
  • Then browse to your user's home directory:
    • Depending on your Operating system you will either open the folder "Documents and Settings" or "Users" and open the directory with the same name as your Windows user account
  • In this directory you will find a large quantity of log files that we may need for diagnostics, including the following:
    • All files beginning with the letters "SDC"
    • All files beginning with the letters "SC"
    • All files beginning with the letters "RSS"
  • Select all of these files at the same time by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on each file one at a time
  • Once all are selected right click any selected file and choose the following menu option "Send to -> Compressed zipped folder"
  • This will create a single file that contains all user diagnostic files we may need, and it can now be attached to your email

Frequently Asked Questions About SecureLink Gatekeeper

What is a Gatekeeper?(PERMALINK)
A Gatekeeper is a piece of software that sits on a server in your network. When enabled, the SecureLink Gatekeeper polls your vendor’s SecureLink server to see if there is a support rep requesting access. When a support rep needs access, an SSH tunnel is created from the Gatekeeper and all access is routed through that tunnel.
Where do I download the SecureLink Gatekeeper?(PERMALINK)
Your vendor will provide you a link to their SecureLink server where the Gatekeeper can be downloaded.
Can I limit who can get to the Gatekeeper User Interface?(PERMALINK)
SecureLink provides the capability to password protect the Gatekeeper in two ways:
  • A global password that is required to access any feature of the Gatekeeper
  • Password restriction for administrative functions only

Can I manage more than one vendor using my SecureLink Gatekeeper?(PERMALINK)
The Gatekeeper is specific to a technology vendor. If your organization has multiple vendors accessing your network via Gatekeeper, you may want to look into getting your own SecureLink server. SecureLink's Vendor Access module is designed to help enterprise customers manage all of their vendor access. Contact Us to learn more.
Can I add ports and services to the Gatekeeper?(PERMALINK)
You can add/remove services for your vendor and you can enable the Gatekeeper to allow the vendor to add services themselves. Select Vendor Privilege Settings from the Settings menu. To add an additional host, select Add New Host from the upper right. Click the green plus sign to add an additional port or service to your Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper comes with a list of common services or you can define your own using the “Custom” Service.
How can I change the Gatekeeper email notifications?(PERMALINK)
Access notification e-mail recipients can be added or deleted but cannot be modified. Select Notification Settings from the Settings menu. To delete an e-mail recipient, click on the delete button next to the desired e-mail address. To add e-mail recipients, click the green plus button and type the correct e-mail address.
I need to make changes, how do I get to the Gatekeeper User Interface?(PERMALINK)
There are two ways to get to the SecureLink user interface from the Gatekeeper server:
  • On Windows, from your start menu, select All Programs -> SecureLink -> SecureLink Gatekeeper
  • Alternately, you can open a browser and type You can also reach the Gatekeeper via a browser from any machine in the same network by typing the IP of the Gatekeeper server followed by :4680

What level of access is granted to my vendor?(PERMALINK)
Support technicians can access only services you permit, which can be defined at a very granular (port) level. For example, you can restrict access to read-only on a particular directory. For more complex issues, the service engineer may request access to additional ports, like diagnostic services and databases, but you’re always in complete control of access.
What level of encryption do you use?(PERMALINK)
Users can choose between four encryption options to secure the communications between the SecureLink server and the system hosting the Gatekeeper AES (Rijndael block cipher, the current Advanced Encryption Standard) in 128, 192, and 256 bit modes, Blowfish, or Triple-DES.
Is there an audit trail?(PERMALINK)
A full audit trail is left behind with every connection. Additionally, an active report of all activity is generated, so you can monitor all vendor access in real time.
Do we need to install the Gatekeeper on multiple servers?(PERMALINK)
No. The component only needs to reside on a single server. However, the server should have client access to all other servers that may require support.

Having trouble with your Gatekeeper?

Call the SecureLink Hotline at 1-(SEC)-URE-LINK (732-873-5465) from 7 AM to 7 PM Central time to speak to one of our specialists.