Our Team

Carolina Aguilar

Started with SecureLink in: March 2021

Position: Senior Software Developer

Favorite SecureLink product feature: The level of security and auditing provided by the products.

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: The people, the culture and the technology we build.

Favorite SecureLink core value: Think Long Term

How do you define success: Feeling happy and proud of what you have done and achieved, and being able to transform those feelings in new ideas to keep growing and improving.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and it’s customers: I love the outdoors, I like to do several activities like biking (mountain and road), climbing (rock and indoors and sometimes trees) , hiking, kayaking. If I’m indoors i like playing some games on my PC and I love to create things so I have my lab and a workshop at home where I can 3d print, weld, do woodworking and metal working and any other craziness we come up with.

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