Our Team

Clay Spence

Started with SecureLink in: October 2020

Position: Technical Operations Analyst

Favorite SecureLink product feature: I would say the HD Audit feature. I’ve taken part in many internal and external audits in my previous role and know the benefit of having highly detailed information on hand and readily available when you need it. Even outside of actual audits, having that much detail when solving an issue and troubleshooting can be extremely valuable.

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: The people and overall “personality” of the company. Never felt this welcomed and excited for work before.

Favorite SecureLink core value: Think Long Term – I’ve always been one to think about how my actions and decisions I make now will play out in the long run so it’s nice to be part of a company that shares this same way of thinking.

How do you define success: Setting and accomplishing your OWN goals will help you find success. You will always be your toughest critic so if you can see yourself as successful, imagine how others will see you.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and its customers: Traveling with my wife, visiting family and friends, reading about the latest news in the tech world, building/fixing things, playing some PC games, watching too much YouTube, reading up on personal finance and personal growth.

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