Our Team

Dave Re

Started with SecureLink in: April 2019

Position: DevOps Engineer

Favorite SecureLink product feature: Audit

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: The people are amazing – genuine and competent! Also, the food is killer!

Favorite SecureLink core value: Own the Outcome

How do you define success: Win or lose, for me, success is more about how you play the game. Make the best possible effort, and do the right work. Results will follow.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and its customers: When I’m not working with this incredible team, I’m also a professional photographer, I play jiu-jitsu, and I’m a competitive handgun and long-range rifle shooter. My wife and I also engage in bird watching, enjoy working on our house and in the yard, and we have two awesome miniature dachshunds we spend a lot of time with.

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