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Erica Browning

Started with SecureLink in: February 2018

Position: Demand Generation Specialist

Favorite SecureLink feature: I really like the ability to set access schedules or an approval workflow for vendor access. I think this really gives enterprise admins the power to give their third-party vendors the access they need, when they need it, nothing more and nothing less.

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: I love being part of a company that has an amazing product, is serving a great need and is driven towards operational excellence. There’s tons of untapped potential and growth to unlock with SecureLink and an amazing team to make it happen.

Favorite SecureLink core value: Own the Outcome

How do you define success: I think success is when you can do something you love while also being able to give back to the community you are part of.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and its customers: I am really into fashion and am a personal stylist on the side. I love helping others define their sense of style and making sure they feel their best in whatever it is they wear. I also have a passion for empowering young women both personally and professionally through mentorship. If I’m not busy working on those things I am usually attending fun events with my boyfriend, cooking/finding new places to eat, or learning something new.

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