Our Team

Joel Burleson-Davis

Started with SecureLink in: December 2013

Position: Chief Technology Officer

Favorite SecureLink product feature: RDP Audit – how cool is that!

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: There’s something new happening nearly every day.

Favorite SecureLink core value: Speak up. The only way the company and our people can continue being the world-class organization we are is if every person in the company feels unafraid and empowered to put forth their ideas and suggestions. This is really at the heart of our irreverent meritocracy.

How do you define success: I take a pretty engineering focused view to success but the jist is – the thing delivered or the achievement accomplished should satisfy the intended purpose. This is a little more odd than most, who might see completeness as synonymous with success (i.e. I finished my MBA, or a project, etc), but what does it matter if the software is “complete” but doesn’t satisfy the original need, or what is the benefit of completing a project that is no longer aligned to the success of the organization and its customers? Success to me means that the effort put forward is fulfilling its intended purpose.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and its customers: Golfing, cooking, and baking bread. Hanging out with my wife, toddler, and bulldog. Doing committee work for the Linux Foundation.

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