Our Team

Michael Argüello

Started with SecureLink in: December 2016

Position: Lead Systems Engineer

Favorite SecureLink product feature: The Nexus

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: The people (everyone is very nice and we all work together as a team) and the tasty free food!

Favorite SecureLink core value: Think Long Term

How do you define success: Success is not the absence of failure, but rather, it’s whether you allow it to keep you down or whether you learn from it and choose to persevere. Overcoming mistakes, failures, challenges, and obstacles on a day-to-day basis is my definition of success.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and its customers: I spend time with my wife, our dog, my family and my friends. I enjoy cooking, watching movies, playing video games, and traveling (all over the US and all over the world). I also enjoy driving fun cars (currently own a manual transmission VW Golf GTI) and going on road trips.

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