Our Team

Sarah Levy

Started with SecureLink in: May 2021

Position: Contract Manager

Favorite SecureLink product feature: The audit capabilities are amazing and allow for all our clients to get the most out of the products.

Favorite thing about working at SecureLink: I love the people I work with and speak to every day! It is never only a work conversation, everyone truly cares about your life as a whole. I feel I have the support system here to be my best self and exceed my goals, whatever they may be. I truly feel like I gained a work family when I joined the team at SecureLink.

Favorite SecureLink core value: Own the Outcome!  We all ultimately have the final say in what our outcome(s) will be. If you sit around hoping for something to happen, it probably won’t happen or if it does, there wasn’t much work put in to get there, making it essentially meaningless. I love that SecureLink encourages everyone to work hard to make the future what they want it to be.

How do you define success: Success is reaching and exceeding your goals while putting yourself in a place where you can enjoy it with the people have around you.

What do you do when you’re not helping SecureLink and it’s customers: Outside of SecureLink, you can find me doing one of three things: PureBarre, watching hockey, or playing with my puppy, Bar!”

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