What is the SecureLink Nexus?

The SecureLink Nexus is a solution that brokers a connection between a SecureLink Customer Connect server and a SecureLink Enterprise Access’s server, allowing them to connect through their existing SecureLink solution. It resides in a secure datacenter hosted by SecureLink and maintains information regarding relationships between enterprise customers and their allowed SecureLink vendors.

Nexus Features

The Benefits of the SecureLink Nexus

The biggest benefit of the Nexus is that neither the SecureLink Enterprise Access customer nor the SecureLink vendor needs to compromise on how they both make and allow remote connections through their own SecureLink servers.

Benefits for SecureLink Enterprise Access customers:

  • Shift the management of individual vendor rep accounts to the vendor, while retaining full control over when and what a vendor has access to within your network, including hosts, ports and application management, as well as full audit.
    • Option to require Nexus vendors to be approved before the first or before every access.
  • Experience quicker time to resolution of your issues with vendors able to log in and gain access via their own SecureLink instance.

Benefits for SecureLink Customer Connect customers:

  • Vendor reps can continue to use their preferred method of connectivity with their SecureLink server while still accessing their customers, rather than having to login natively to the individual Enterprise SecureLink servers.
  • Maintain reporting and logging on your server.
  • Continue to manage all vendor reps and user groups in your own server.

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