Unlock the Full Potential of SecureLink Remote Support

Standardize Your Remote Support

Why SecureLink?

SecureLink makes supporting your customers easy. It helps you adhere to security and compliance standards while reducing your liability. Why not use SecureLink for Vendors for all of your connections?

  • Get direct network access without complicated infrastructure and the time required to support it
  • Provide faster resolution and access to critical applications since you no longer have to wait for clients to provide access
  • Standardize your support offerings for all of your customers

Commitment to service

You are currently using SecureLink to support one or more of your customers. When you use SecureLink for Vendors, you enjoy the improved SLAs and time to resolution you are seeing with your SecureLink customer, but with all of your business.

Show compliance matters

Your customers care about compliance. Demonstrate your commitment to industry compliance and assure all of your customers, across all highly regulated industries, that you care about, and can help them meet industry compliance mandates.

More efficient operations

Spend more time supporting customers and less time managing connections and dealing with access requests. With SecureLink, use a single unique login to connect to all of your customers.

Find out how secure third-party remote access can be.