Unlock the Full Potential of SecureLink

Standardize Your Vendor Access With SecureLink

You're here because at least one of your technology vendors is using SecureLink to access your internal network. While that vendor's access is controlled and secure, there are likely many vendors connecting through an inefficient, or legacy, solution (e.g. VPN) who may have unrestricted access to your network. Start using SecureLink Enterprise Access to manage all of your third-party remote access needs and eliminate risky vendor connections.

  • Centralize vendor management with a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Store credentials locally in a secure credential vault so that vendors no longer need knowledge of logins and passwords.
  • Configure least privilege access for each individual support technician.


Enhance Security

Right now, any vendors who use SecureLink to provide you support use a Gatekeeper to control the access they have to your network. This works very well for those vendors; but those vendors using legacy connections present a significant risk. There is an easy way for you to provide a SecureLink solution to all of your vendors.

Start using SecureLink Enterprise Access and take control of your vendor access. You'll also be able to establish a Gateway for all of your vendors not currently using SecureLink and eliminate any remote access risk they represent. In addition, thanks to features like the SecureLink Nexus, you'll enjoy an improved connection with any existing SecureLink vendor Gatekeepers.

Unlock Gatekeeper's Full Potential

Upgrading to SecureLink Enterprise Access allows access to powerful Gatekeeper security benefits including:

  • Receive a notification whenever your vendor connects, as well as a full summary of activity when a connection ends.
  • Allow access any time, set up manual access windows, or even configure an access window schedule in order to restrict, or enable, access.
  • Least privilege access allows you to restrict vendors' access to only what is needed to provide support—and nothing else.
  • Record RDP activity using SecureLink’s High-Definition Audit feature for review, and to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance standards.
  • Store RDP credentials locally, in a secure credential vault, so that vendors no longer need knowledge of login credentials.
  • Audit all vendor activity on the network. Monitor who connected when, and to what systems. Adjust granularity of the audit down to keystroke levels if necessary. No other remote-access solution is capable of producing more detailed audit logs.


Ensure Compliance

Vendor compliance can be complicated. There are stringent third-party remote access standards for all highly regulated industries. SecureLink Enterprise helps to ensure you meet those standards with features like HD audit, access control windows, multi-factor authentication, and more.


Streamline Operations

There can be a lot of stress on security and your IT staff when all of your vendors are not using the same support platform. We developed SecureLink to function as an easy-to-use centralized access point designed to manage all of your third-party remote access needs.

Learn How to Standardize Your Vendor Access with SecureLink