Managing Vendor Access

Every day a new game-changing technology is introduced that has the potential to move your business forward. This is a wonderful thing, but progress can also be painful.

As you take advantage of the latest advancements, you will introduce more and more vendors into your business – and managing vendor access for a growing scope of third parties can quickly become difficult.

SecureLink streamlines third-party access - making it easy and secure to resolve problems from anywhere in the world. Dedicated to large industries that require a heightened level of network access protection and are subject to regulation, SecureLink bridges the gap between your enterprise and the software technicians that provide remote support.

“I would recommend SecureLink to any healthcare facility that wants to take control of their vendor and employee remote access and that has any level of helpdesk needs. It has absolutely improved the way we do business.”

Praveen Toteja
Chief Technology Officer, The GW Medical Faculty Associates

SecureLink for Enterprises

SecureLink for Enterprises standardizes your access from every vendor. Easily handle network access control and monitor the variety and number of connections facilitating vendor access that are needed to keep your applications up and running. This centralized method of network access protection and control reinforces security, provides accountability and helps to ensure regulation compliance.

  • Complexity Reduction
  • Individual Accountability
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Granular Permission Control
  • Access Scheduling
  • Real-time connection notifications
  • High Definition Audit
  • Built-in Tools
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Reduced Cost

Secure Access Controls

Identification and Authentication Rules and Restrictions
Two-Factor Authentication Customer Configurable
The method requires two independent factors of authentication to be verified before access is granted for each connection The system is customizable to meet the needs of your business
Integration with Active Directory Scheduled Access
Easily authenticate and authorize vendors when they log in Restrict access as to time and scope, down to file level
Restrictive password requirements Broad Restriction Controls
Mandatory password strength conditions are in place to maintain highly secure logins Access rights can be restricted at system or user level. Grant access only to customer-authorized networks
Randomly generated, one-time use keys Mask usernames/passwords
Unique keys are created that allow only a single connection Hide login credentials during support sessions

High Definition Audit

Privacy regulated businesses can’t afford to trade rapid problem resolution for data and system security. For these businesses and for their software vendors, network access protection and comprehensive auditing are required for remote support. SecureLink offers:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Individual account level reporting
  • Email connection notifications
  • Detail activity reports

Streamline Remote Support

Simplify remote assistance and get back to the things you'd rather focus on