Treating vendors like employees can come back to bite you.

Dozens or hundreds of vendors need access to your systems to provide service or support. That makes the privileged access they have to your network a significant risk. Managing vendor privileged access is different from employee access, so using the same tools is not sufficient.


Easily identify, audit, and control third parties with SecureLink.

Vendor Privileged Access allows you to manage your vendors’ access in an efficient and secure way while giving technology vendors just the right amount of access to the applications and systems they need to get their job done.

Give technicians least privileged access so they only have access to what they need, when they need it.
Vendors will only be able to access approved applications. So you can easily lock out companies, domains, and inactive users while application owners can be authorized all without IT involvement.

Know and validate the identity of every vendor employee accessing your systems.
Only known and approved users will be given access to your systems; multi-factor authentication eliminates shared logins, and vendor access is restricted to only validated domain email addresses.

Access automatic high-definition audit of every vendors' action taken while in your system.
Video and keystroke logs of every action are captured within SecureLink. Alerts provide real-time visibility of each access event while detailed session forensic reports enhance diagnostics and training.

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“SecureLink is a better solution [than VPN] because it provides a layer of insulation between us and our vendors, with email notifications, exportable video and audit logs of what was done."

IT Support Services Manager

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