Calculate your ROI and discover the benefits of implementing a secure remote support platform

Hobson & Company, a leading market research firm, conducted independent research consisting of in-depth interviews with vendors who use SecureLink and found that having a validated remote access platform addressed specific challenges. We have created an easy-to-use ROI calculator to give you a glimpse of what results you can expect by centralizing and simplifying secure remote support. We have also compiled the results in a research report highlighting the main areas customers have seen an impact on their business. Lastly, we have created a case study from interviewing a finance technology vendor who describes their remote support process.

ROI calculator for secure remote support

Discover your ROI potential by simply inputting the number of staff requiring remote customer access. Fill out the calculator to receive a personalized 3-year ROI that includes the overall value created and the monthly cost of waiting to invest. On average, technology vendors experienced:

  • A 3-year ROI of 1,381%
  • An investment payback after 3 weeks
  • 70% reduction in security incident related expenses
  • 65% reduction in time spent managing and supporting remote access
  • 75% reduction in time spent establishing remote connections with their customers
Research report: “Driving ROI: The Case for a Proven Remote Access Platform”

Customers interviewed noted they experienced consistent productivity, compliance, and security challenges. The Hobson & Company research report “Driving ROI: The Case for a Proven Remote Access Platform,” outlines those key challenges, use cases, and how companies have seen a real return on investment.  

“We’ve cut the need for the IT team to help with remote support [by 50%] …and we haven’t even fully implemented SecureLink yet.”

—Manager, Platform Engineering

Case study: Finance Technology Vendor

Hobson & Company interviewed a finance technology vendor who was faced with using a VPN solution that did not meet security requirements. This case study outlines key challenges and benefits of using a secure third-party remote access platform.

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