Prairie Flower Casino Takes the Risk Out of Vendor Access

The Prairie Flower Casino was launched in 2018 by The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. As a gaming facility, the casino needs to comply with strict regulations for secure vendor access.  Since the casino has only one full-time IT administrator, relying on VPN access wasn’t an option due to the amount of time and work needed to set up and maintain VPNs. 

The Prairie Flower Casino chose SecureLink to provide a complete solution for secure vendor access. With SecureLink, IT ensures that only approved vendors can access the casino’s systems. They also maintain detailed logs that track who entered the system, what they accessed, and when they logged off. SecureLink’s customer support team is also on hand to quickly troubleshoot complex vendor technology requirements and accelerate the onboarding process. The result is a simple and secure solution that ensures the Prairie Flower Casino can meet strict gaming regulations.

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