Vendor Privileged Access allows enterprises to manage their vendors’ remote access efficiently and securely, while giving technology vendors just the right amount of access to the applications and systems necessary to get their job done. 

Record all sessions with high-definition audit.
“The difference with what we did before is night and day; we were in the dark about what vendors were doing in the system, compared to now being able to watch a video of where they went and what they did." — Jim, Project Manager

Have greater security and control over third-party remote access when compared to VPN or Desktop Sharing.
“One of the benefits is how secure it is, including encryption and being able to set up vendors so they don’t even know their password; we also like being able to disable accounts automatically after a certain number of inactive days.”— Greg, Systems Analyst

Standardize and simplify the process of managing remote access.
"Our staff no longer have to sit there for 3 hours while a vendor is connected to their machine. Now, vendors access the system behind the scenes and don't disrupt productivity."— Jeff, Support Manager

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“SecureLink is a better solution [than VPN] because it provides a layer of insulation between us and our vendors, with email notifications, exportable video and audit logs of what was done."

IT Support Services Manager


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