Access Security 101: Manage Internal and External Access Risk with SecureLink and Maize Analytics Solutions

The stakes continue to rise for managing risk and ensuring security to critical systems and regulated data (e.g., PHI, PII, and PCI). External attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in third-party identity and access management systems to gain privileged access, while insiders exploit broad access controls to scrape sensitive data. SecureLink and Maize Analytics have recently merged to address these issues.

Watch this video to hear about the following topics:

  • Applying context-driven machine learning to focus privacy and security officers on the most high-risk activity
  • Consolidating distributed third-party access onto a single, manageable, secure process and platform
  • Using Zero Trust as a strategy for reducing your attack surface
  • Creating a closed-loop system to efficiently identify and remediate unneeded or over-privileged accounts

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