Are Medical Devices Leaving You Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Attacks?

Because of the reliance on third-party mission-critical technologies, healthcare organizations put themselves at risk by allowing support and maintenance vendors access to these devices and networks. If your medical devices are not secure and your vendor suffers a data breach, the consequences become life-threatening for patients. This has made healthcare institutions and their technology providers a top target for hackers and ransomware. Cyber-criminals know that they cannot be down for long periods of time, or patient care will suffer. Additionally, they tend to have a large number of technology vendors, making third-party vendor risk higher when compared to other organizations.

Download this on-demand webinar to learn how our new SecureLink for Healthcare product can help your organization put third-party best practices to use with our enterprise-grade Vendor Privileged Access Management (VPAM) technology. Our product specialist will walk you through a live demo of the SecureLink for Healthcare platform, designed specifically for healthcare institutions and their technology vendors.

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