Cybersecurity and vendor remote access

A criminal logs into your server, installs malware, and begins copying files from servers across your network– including sensitive financial information, employee personal data, and more. Once this data theft is complete, the lock up your network with ransomware. The ransomware is customized with your company’s name, and the criminals know exactly how much to charge because they have access to all your financial records.

Sound like a bad dream? This reality is the latest epidemic- and it all starts with a stolen vendor password. Not all vendors manage security effectively, and you need to limit your risk. In this webinar, Sherri Davidoff of LMG Security and Justin Strackany of SecureLink walk through real hacking cases, and show how many different types of cybersecurity attacks trace back to third-party vendor security issues. Then, they offer tips and tricks to effectively manage vendor remote access and reduce your risks.

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