Easing the outsider access audit

Healthcare organizations are regularly opening up their networks to an increasing number of third parties. Sadly, the access granted to third parties exposes these organizations up to a world of risks when it comes to security and compliance with HIPAA and other industry standards concerning Personal Health Information (PHI), and Electronic PHI (ePHI).

This webinar will equip you with the tools needed to be responsive to your organization’s ever-changing needs in security and compliance while keeping costs under control. Download this webinar today to learn:

  • How to streamline credentialing and access controls for third parties
  • Why “high-def” audit, readiness, and security forensics are a must
  • How peer practices increase compliance confidence while reducing staff workloads

Featured presenters:

Fernando Sosa
Managing Partner

Camille Shipes Childs
Corporate Compliance Officer/HIPAA Privacy Officer
U.S. Dermatology Partners

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor

Watch the webinar

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