How to Kill Cyberattacks at Each Stage

Cyberattacks are becoming more complex and are frequently being executed by sophisticated state actors and organized crime groups. Additionally, data breaches that stem from a third party’s involvement are not only on the rise, but are known to be more costly when compared to a data breach that doesn’t have third party involvement.

However, most third-party data breaches have five distinct, common phases, giving companies multiple opportunities to protect themselves against these attacks. In fact, there are recommended best practices and defenses companies can put into place to decrease their chances of a third-party data breach in each stage.

To learn more, download our webinar where Tony Howlett, SecureLink’s CISO will:

  • Detail the different phases of a complex cyberattack: reconnaissance, initial attack, spreading the attack, lateral attacks, and long-term persistence.
  • Provide best practices to create a “kill chain” that blocks cyberattacks at each phase and stops hackers in their tracks.

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