How to Prepare for 2021 Cybersecurity Trends

An important rule in life is to learn from the past, whether it’s in a personal or professional setting. So, we thought it would be a good time to review the major cybersecurity events of 2020, what lessons can be learned from them, and how we can be safer in the years coming.

This last year yielded many tectonic changes in the IT and security world, from a pandemic that sent most office workers home with little warning or planning, to the rapid increase in scale for remote access, and the increased viciousness and devious ingenuity of ransomware hackers who specifically targeted sectors affected most by the pandemic. While all of this was happening, nation-state hackers continued to rise and expand into the political arena.

We’ve almost made it through the year, so it’s time to see what lessons can be gleaned from our trials by fire and how they can be applied to new challenges coming in 2021, such as the (hopeful) return to working at the office, rebuilding IT staffs thinned by illness and economic strains, and the ever-changing threat landscape.

To learn more, download the webinar where we will discuss these topics including:

  • The major cybersecurity events of 2020.
  • Lessons learned from those events and how they have changed the InfoSec landscape.
  • What we might expect in 2021 and how to be proactive in relation to security.

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